frustrated that i had missed yet another ebay auction, i set out to train a monkey to do the job for me. we're still in initial training so bidmonkey knows little in the area of error/sanity checking. in other words: make sure you give him the right values here. the fields are fairly self explanatory. maximum bid is the maximum amount your willing to bid, the monkey will bid as low as possible but it would like to know how far your willing to go. monkey deployment countdown is when you want the monkey to place your bid. i generally check ebay for how much time is left and ask the monkey to bid 2 mins before the auctions ends. also don't forget that you must leave your browser open in order for bidmonkey to work. if anyone actually uses this thing and wants support for another auction server, tell me and the monkey shall be trained. if you want to view the source use the link on the bottom right and not your browser button.

item number:
(get this from ebay page)

(generally this will be 1)

maximum bid:
(maximum amount you wish to bid)

monkey deployment countdown:
(monkey will bid when counter reaches zero)
hrs mins secs

(your ebay userid)

(your ebay password)

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