Windows Heap Visualization2005-06-01

You may have noticed the ghosted 'Heap' option under the 'View' menu in OllyDBG. The feature is available only under Windows 95 based OSes and is supposed to display a list of allocated memory blocks. I've written a plug-in, Olly Heap Vis, to provide this missing functionality and more on all modern Windows OSes such as Windows 2000, XP and 2003.

The Olly Heap Vis plug-in provides heap chunk lists, the ability to search the heap, a quick heap jump and finally visualization capabilities through Graphviz. More information and source code is available in the bundled archive.

RECON Talk2005-04-12

I've been accepted to speak about Process Stalking at RECON, a computer security conference being held in Montreal from June 17th through 19th.

Full details and source code for Process Stalking will be released in the coming months.

RE Tool Updates2005-04-05

Updates for IDA Sync, IDA pGRAPH and IDA Function Analyzer have been made available today. The IDA plug-ins have all been ported to compile against the 4.8 SDK. Binaries for IDA Pro 4.8 are also included.

I am also releasing OllyDbg Breakpoint Manager, an OllyDbg plug-in written to address some shortcomings of the built-in breakpoint management functionality. The plug-in provides three main functions- breakpoint exporting, breakpoint importing and automatic breakpoint loading. More information, examples and source code are available on the software releases page and bundled archive.