RECON Talk2005-04-12

I've been accepted to speak about Process Stalking at RECON, a computer security conference being held in Montreal from June 17th through 19th.

Full details and source code for Process Stalking will be released in the coming months.

RE Tool Updates2005-04-05

Updates for IDA Sync, IDA pGRAPH and IDA Function Analyzer have been made available today. The IDA plug-ins have all been ported to compile against the 4.8 SDK. Binaries for IDA Pro 4.8 are also included.

I am also releasing OllyDbg Breakpoint Manager, an OllyDbg plug-in written to address some shortcomings of the built-in breakpoint management functionality. The plug-in provides three main functions- breakpoint exporting, breakpoint importing and automatic breakpoint loading. More information, examples and source code are available on the software releases page and bundled archive.

My BZFlag Cheats2005-04-01

We started playing a great little multi player game called BZFlag in the office some time ago. It became quickly apparently that I sucked terribly at the game, despite my extensive efforts to shift blame to the fact that I was the only user playing on win32 and had older hardware. While I can't play BZFlag, I can code- and BZFlag is open source. Within a short time I was able to level the playing field. In the spirit of April fools, here are the list of changes I made:

  • Stealth tanks appear on radar.
  • Disabled color-blindess.
  • Color bad flags black.
  • Color laser flags red.
  • Color guided missiles green.
  • Color narrow/burrow flags blue.
  • Color shockwave flags yellow.
  • Disabled ability for other tanks to cloak on screen.
  • Reduced laser reload time.
  • Added 25% chance of a good shot missing me.
  • Disabled burrow speed handicap.
    • This was detectable so I disabled it.
  • Disabled my own shots from killing myself.
  • Made my shot velocity slightly faster when packing the shot packet.
    • This appears to have broken my ability to kill others, so I disabled it.